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St John's

Church of England Infant School

'Through Faith, Love, Kindness and Respect our Saint John's family will flourish and grow.'









The school's curriculum intent


Curriculum Intent


At St John's Infants School, it is our intent to provide an ambitious, progressively sequenced, broad and balanced curriculum that meets the contextual needs of the school and ensures that every member of the St John's family can:


  • Flourish and grow academically, emotionally and socially (see school vision)
  • Have faith, Feel loved, be shown kindness and feel respected (see school values)
  • Acquire the cultural capital, skills and knowledge needed to prepare them for the next stage of their education and life in 21st century modern Britain.


Curriculum Implementation


At St John's C of E Infants School:


  • We use Cornerstones topics as a springboard to help us plan and deliver bespoke units of work that are cross curricular and provide opportunities to excite children about their learning.
  • Maths, RE, PE, PSHE and Music are taught discretely but wherever possible are linked to our main termly topics.
  • Staff place emphasis on the skills of interacting well, personal development and practising the skills of mental well-being and the retrieval of knowledge on a daily basis.
  • A rigorous assessment programme is in place to monitor and track children’s progress in all areas of the curriculum, allowing timely intervention to take place and enable children to ‘catch up’ and be ‘challenged’.
  • Our entire curriculum is designed and adapted to meet the needs of our pupils and school, and, because pupil needs change and evolve over time and in different contexts, our curriculum will keep evolving and being adapted over time in order to keep all teaching and learning experiences relevant.


Curriculum Impact


At St John's C of E Infants School, staff have high expectations of EVERY child’s achievements; we aspire for ALL children to achieve their best. Because of this and the curriculum we offer, our schooling experience impacts positively:


  • Our children enjoy learning and feel safe at school.
  • Our children progress well and attain in line with or above other children nationally.
  • Our children are happy, caring and confident individuals who know how to maintain personal physical and mental well-being.
  • Our children are resilient and respond well to challenges they know they will meet in life .
  • Our children respect diversity, are supportive and inclusive and interact with others very well.
  • Our children contribute positively to their local community.
  • Our children leave us with the knowledge and skills needed for their junior education journey and the cultural capital and aspirations essential to succeed in 21st century Britain.


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I am the vine and you are the branches

-John 15