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Late/Absence Procedures


It is very important that your child attends school regularly and arrives at  8.40 am. Registers are marked on arrival and sent to the office for dinner numbers to be notified.  Therefore if your child is late, please let the School Office know as soon as possible so that the necessary adjustment can be made. 


It is also important that you meet your child every day (or if you arrange an alternative, let your class teacher know the name of the alternative adult meeting your child) promptly at 3.15 pm. 


School adults will have meetings and class duties after the children have been collected so do please be punctual and arrive to collect children on time.


If your child is absent for any reason, you must notify the school office  by 9.45am each day.  All unauthorised absences, have to be marked in the register and reported each term to the council.  This is now a legal requirement.


You will receive a letter in the case of persistent absences/ lateness and our Attendance Officer, Mrs Gething may wish to meet with you.


If persistent absences continue to occur or holidays are taken out of term time, fines will be issued to parents payable to Medway Council.



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