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St John's

Church of England Infant School

'Through Faith, Love, Kindness and Respect our Saint John's family will flourish and grow.'










Maths Manager - Mrs Nicola Milton



Our School Vision

"Through faith, love, kindness and respect our St John's family will flourish and grow.”


The school vision underpins all decision making and school improvement planning and is designed to develop

aspirations and resilience.


At St John's CofE Infant School, maths is an integral part of our curriculum.  We provide an ambitious, progressively sequenced, broad and balanced curriculum that meets the contextual needs of the school.  We deliver high quality teaching and learning opportunities that enable all children to achieve their personal best and develop a love of maths. Pupils have many opportunities to work together and we believe that this is essential to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It ensures that:

  • Children develop and achieve well, respect one another, feel included, support and show kindness to others and enjoy life-long learning.
  • Children develop the aspirations, confidence and resilience needed to shine and be the best person they can be in good times and in bad.
  • Children can reason, think logically and work systematically and accurately.
  • Children practise daily arithmetic and basic maths skills in order to ensure key mathematical concepts are embedded and to provide children with opportunities to recall this information to see the links between topics in Maths.
  • Children can acquire the maths skills and knowledge needed to prepare them for the next stage of their education and life in 21st century modern Britain.



Maths at St John's CofE Infant School: 

  • Maths fluency skills are taught daily - focussing on key mathematical skills including place value, the four operations and fractions.
  • A range of reasoning resources are used to challenge all children and give them the opportunity to reason with their understanding.
  • During each session, the children have a maths challenge question which deepens their learning and at the end of every lesson the children complete an Assessment for Learning (AFL) task.
  • Children are taught through differentiated small groups and mixed ability whole class lessons, designed and adapted to meet the needs of our pupils and school. Staff place emphasis on the skills of interacting well, personal development and practising the skills of mental well-being and the retrieval of knowledge on a daily basis.
  • Lessons use a Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approach to guide children through their understanding of mathematical processes. 
  • Consolidation lessons are used to revisit previous learning and ensure Maths skills are embedded.
  • A rigorous assessment programme is in place to monitor and track children’s progress in all areas of the curriculum, allowing timely intervention to take place and enable children to ‘catch up’ and be ‘challenged’.
  • Homework is set to develop and review children's learning. 



As a result of Maths teaching at St John's CofE Infant School you will see:

  • Engaged children who enjoy learning and feel safe at school.
  • Confident children who make progress, achieve well and attain in line with or above other children nationally.
  • Happy, kind and respectful children who can all talk about Maths learning and respond well to challenges.
  • Children who are respectful of diversity, are supportive and inclusive and interact with others very well.
  • Children who contribute positively to their local community through fund raising events .
  • Children who leave us with the knowledge and skills needed in maths to succeed in 21st century Britain.


Challenge in Maths


Every maths session includes a challenge question for the children to complete once they have completed their main learning.  Every piece of maths homework includes a challenge which we ask parents to encourage children to complete.  All holiday homework 'pick and mix' homework will include maths challenges.

Children can be selected to join the Maths Masters Challenge Club where they receive additional weekly problem solving activities.

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