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'Through Faith, Love, Kindness and Respect our Saint John's family will flourish and grow.'










Our Music Curriculum

Our Music Manager is Mrs Lloyd


Our School Vision

"Through faith, love, kindness and respect our St John's family will flourish and grow.”

The school vision underpins all decision making and school improvement planning and is designed to develop

aspirations and resilience.


Welcome to the Music page!



Music is an intrinsic part of our curriculum at St John's Infant School, we strive to create a culture that is inclusive and engages all pupils. We aim to

  • Deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that enable all children to achieve their personal best.
  • Provide an ambitious, progressively sequenced, broad and balanced curriculum that meets the contextual needs of the school in a safe and supportive environment for all children to flourish in a range of different musical activities throughout their time at School where they do not fear making mistakes or getting things wrong and a curriculum that cements our school values of love, kindness, faith and respect. 

. Our Charanga curriculum engages pupils, supporting a love of learning and a thirst for musical knowledge. Children are supported to achieve and encouraged to show their musical talents throughout the curriculum, from writing their own lyrics to songs to performing Christmas Carols. Charanga runs parallel to our Cornerstones Curriculum, which encourages Music through a range of key themes and topics. Children develop the knowledge, skills and competence to excel in a wide variety of musical tasks. We wish to inspire a generation who love Music, not only for their musical enjoyment but understand the benefits of Music with regards to well-being. We aim to prepare children for their continued education and life in the 21st Century.



At St John's Infant School, we provide challenging and enjoyable learning through a range of musical activities which includes listening and responding to music from a range of themes and genres, playing musical instruments, singing in unison, small groups and as a solo and composing music using instruments to play various notes. This curriculum is adaptive and designed to meet the needs of all children in our school. Music is taught through a scheme called Charanga, taught over one full day each term. Each lesson follows a set structure which allows time for listening, responding and creating. Additional to this, topics in Cornerstones allow for children to link their musical knowledge to their current topic. Assessment forms part of the planning, teaching and learning process and takes place throughout the year using the rigorous assessment tools on Charanga alongside a bespoke assessment grid which links to the National Curriculum Objectives.


• The long-term plan for Music sets out the Musical progression through from FS to KS1, allowing for children to build on their musical skills year on year and demonstrate they are able to meet the National Curriculum objectives.

• All teachers have access to support and guidance on ways to deliver the scheme from FS to KS1 and can attend additional training opportunities if required.

• We provide children with opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities through after school clubs and tuition, these are inclusive, enjoyable and increase children’s knowledge and understanding in Music.

• We invite parents to Musical events, alongside other members of our community to help broaden our children’s experiences with Music from different cultural backgrounds.

• Children are encouraged to share their Musical talents with their class and any outside competitions in which they may participate.

• We aim to provide opportunities for children to attend Musical Competitions outside of school and as a school share in their successes.



At St John's Infant School, we ensure that our Charanga Music curriculum is progressive and allows children to develop fundamental skills and apply them to a variety of situations and tasks across the Curriculum as they move from FS to Year 2. This allows children to progress in line, or above, with their peers nationally. Music has a significant impact in the classroom, from the calming music played at the start of the day or after lunch, to well-being tasks completed whilst listening to music. Music enables children to consider their thoughts and feelings and manage them effectively. Music provides a positive impact on the learning taking place in the classroom and in the wider community. Children who represent the school at local events and competitions, feel a strong sense of community and achievement. Achievements both in and out of school are shared in Celebration Assembly to encourage other children into Musical Arts. All pupils at St John's Infant School, understand the role that Music has to play in their daily lives and how a song can alter how they feel at any given moment. We aim for all Year 2 pupils to leave school having achieved the skills and Musical knowledge to equip them as they move into Junior School.


At Home:

If your child takes part in any musical activities outside of school, please do let their class teacher know so we can celebrate their achievements


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