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Subject Leader: Mrs Kotamo

Welcome to the Geography subject page! 





As part of our geography intent at St John's C of E infant school, we encourage each child to embody our environmental values ; to show kindness to and love the world around us. Whether that be by recycling, litter-picking or switching lights and taps off to continue to become more eco-aware.



Geography and understanding the world in EYFS forms part of our foundation subjects within our curriculum. We strive to create a culture that is inclusive, engaging, and relevant to all pupils by delivering high-quality teaching, an ambitious, progressively sequenced, broad and balanced curriculum and opportunities for students to be curious about the world around them. Thus, students should be able to acquire a knowledge and understanding of geography that enables them to have faith that they can  to achieve their best. 


We provide a safe and supportive environment for all children to flourish in a range of different activities to promote their emotional, spiritual, social and moral development. We also aim to increase children’s awareness of other cultures and subsequently teach a respect and understanding of what it means to be a positive citizen in a multicultural country.


Within geography, children will learn the continents, seas and oceans on our planet whilst also understanding the physical and human features around us. Furthermore, children will be provided with the opportunities to learn about and understand the environmental issues facing them at a local, regional and global level. Consequently, we hope to encourage a commitment to a sustainable future within the students and an appreciation of what 'global citizenship' means. 



We provide challenging and enjoyable learning through our fantastic, immersive Cornerstones Curriculum that is designed and adapted to meet the needs of all pupils at the school. A strong emphasis is placed on personal development, positive interactions and an optimistic mindset across all geography lessons to ensure that all children enjoy learning and attain well. Geography is taught throughout a series of topics across year groups following the national curriculum guidance to ensure a broad and balanced coverage of all objectives.


Every Geography lesson taught within school is assessed rigorously to monitor children’s progression. All lessons will contain an accessible challenge for the children to complete to extend and expand upon their main learning. Furthermore, children will have the chance to demonstrate what they have learnt within their lesson with an 'Assessment For Learning' task at the end of their work. 



We ensure that our geography curriculum is progressive, accessible, and memorable to enable children to develop fundamental geographical skills that they can apply to a range of contexts. Our exciting geography curriculum encourages good progress and attainment in line with or above other children nationally. Geography invites children to learn about the world around them and entices their curiosity in places, cultures and people that fosters a respect for diversity and a supportiveness and inclusiveness of others. Our happy, caring and confident students will be resilient and ready for any challenges.

Additionally, our children support the local community and immerse themselves into fascinating enquiry-based fieldwork through working around and in the school grounds. Consequently, this builds their cultural capital and embeds an understanding of their responsibilities towards becoming well-rounded individuals in twenty-first century Britain.



How can you support your children in Geography?

  • Watch current affair programmes such as Newsround - 
  • Go and explore the landscapes around you as a family – it doesn’t matter if you live in an urban environment or a rural one.
  • A holiday can also turn into a learning experience for children – talk about the weather, the coastline, the differences between coast and the mainland, pick up shells, discuss how fossils might have formed there.
  • If you are able to, buy a globe or atlas of the world. Alternatively, download Google Maps and allow your child to explore new locations with you.
  • Talk to your child about the world, tell them about different countries you would like to visit / have visited and discuss capital cities.
  • Look at travel magazines or TV programmes about other countries.


Useful website where children can learn more about Geography:

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