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Term 5

Whales, Bees and Plants

In our English lessons this term, we have focused on two books: 'The Storm Whale' and 'The Bee Who Spoke'.  We have written poems and fact files about whales when reading the first book.  We have also written some non-fiction writing about bees and wrote diary entries and persuasive writing to try to convince others of our opinions.


In maths, we have been busy learning how to tell the time.  As well as reading clocks accurately, We can work out how long it is until playtime!  We have also worked hard learning about fractions and properties of shape.  In science and topic, we have been learning about plants.  We have planted our own plants and watched them grow.  We also set up an experiment to prove what plants need to grow.



What else has happened this term

We have been very excited this term because we have got some new Fire tablets which have been donated by Amazon.  These have been very popular with the children and are a great incentive to read as they come with some interesting books.

St John's Church has finally opened after a long refurbishment.  The whole school visited and took part in a service by Martin and Luke.  The church is 200 years old this year and the children had fun exploring all the different parts of the church such as the font, pulpit etc.  

We have also had weekly visits from a musician who has been teaching us about beat and rhythm.  The children have loved using the musical may have heard them from your home!


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-John 15