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Term 5

What have we been learning about this term?

In English this term we have focused on the book ‘Alphonse, there’s mud on the ceiling!’  We have had lots of fun reading this book and seeing what Alphonse has been up to with his sister Natalie. We also had lots of fun creating a new adventure for Alphonse and Natalie.

We have also learnt a lot in maths this term! We started term 5 learning about fraction and cut shapes into equal halves and quarters. We then moved onto geometry, learning about half, full, quarter, and three-quarter turns. Next, we learnt about money and can now name lots of different coins and notes. Finally, we finished term 5 maths on time. We were introduced to telling the time to the hour and half hour using an analogue clock. We also got to make our own clock.


What else happened this Term?

In Geography we have been learning about the human and physical features and in science we have been learning about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. In history we have been learning about the history of toys and had lots of fun on the day trip to the Guildhall Museum. At the museum we got to see lots of Victorian toys and even got to play with some of them!  We also learnt about the Queen and had lots of fun celebrating the Queen's jubilee.


I hope you all have a nice half term week and look forward to seeing you all back in school on Tuesday 7th June.


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-John 15