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Term 4


In Term 4 in English we have been learning about recognising and sounding out split digraphs in our Phonic lessons! This is very grown up work and we get very excited when we find one in our reading and successfully say the word correctly!


In Maths we had fun measuring things in the classroom using paper clips, cubes, our hands and feet and also rulers!


We really enjoyed learning about the explorer Christopher Columbus in History; he had three ships, the Nina the Pinta and the Santa Maria. We found out about what life was like on board those ships, for the Captain and the crew.


In music we learnt all the songs for the Medway Music Festival and the special song we performed on stage “Scooby Doo”.


What else happened this Term?

Squirrel class have had another very busy term in Year 1.


We loved dressing up as book characters for World Book Day, Freddie had a fabulous homemade Stick Man costume!


We went to the Medway Music Festival and performed on stage our Scooby Doo song in front of a big audience!


We enjoyed lots of art related activities making Mother’s Day cards, Easter cards and baskets. We had a cream tea especially for our Mums to tell them how special they are.


After our Easter Service at the Church we are looking forward to our holiday to spend time with our families and friends.

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