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St John's

Church of England Infant School

A small school with a big heart, a great place to grow.





Our Priest


Hello there, my name is Stephen Ramshaw and I am a Pioneer Minister with Church Army.


I am going to be taking over the worship here at St. John’s Infant School, so I thought I had better tell you all a little bit about myself.


I am the Lead Evangelist with Church Army’s Medway Centre of Mission.  I moved down to Chatham from Newcastle in January 2018.  I am married to Lynn and we have 5 children and 10 grandchildren.


Before coming down to Chatham I lived and worked up in Newcastle upon Tyne, in a place called Willington Quay.

I was the Community Minister and Project Leader for St. Paul’s Community Project.


I am a Licensed Lay Minister in the Church of England and I think I have the best job in the world. 


I never thought I would leave the North East of England the place where I was born and bred.  Then I felt called by God to come down to Chatham, now I had not even heard of Chatham about 18 months ago.  But now I am here I really love the place and the people it is a great place to live and work.


If you are asking yourself what and who are Church Army?

I can tell you a little about Church Army.


Church Army is a Mission Community within the Anglican Church.  Church Army was founded back in 1882 by a man called Wilson Carlile.


Wilson Carlile wanted to tell the Good News of Jesus, and the Kingdom of God to people who probably had no intention of ever crossing the threshold of a Traditional Church.


That is my passion also I want everyone to know how much they are loved, valued, and worth to God.


A couple of little facts about me I like Football and I am a Sunderland AFC supporter, my favourite food is Mince & Dumplings.  I like to go running and I try to do the Great lines Park Run when I get the chance.


This is just a short introduction but if you see me around say hello.  I look forward to getting to know you all.

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I am the vine and you are the branches

-John 15