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School Logo

St John's

Church of England Infant School

A small school with a big heart, a great place to grow.





Our Christian Vision and Values

Our associated Christian Vision and  Values

The children and adults in our school chose our 4 Christian values- Faith, Love, Kindness and Respect

Our Vision

St John's Family

Growing and Flourishing in God's Love


I am the vine and you are the branches


By choosing Faith, Love, Kindness and Respect

we can all grow and flourish in God's Love.


John 15




Faith   We believe in God and we worship everyday.


Jesus shows us how important it is to have faith in him and that he has faith in us.

Bible Story : A womans faith                                           Matthew 9:20-22



Love  We are all friends in our St John’s family.

Jesus shows us that God loves us and wants us to love in the same way.

Story : The lost son                                                               Luke 15:11-31



Kindness  We are always kind in everything we say and do.

Jesus wants us to be kind to everyone even if they are different from us.

Story : The Good Samaritan                                                 Luke 10:25-34



Respect   We are all different but we are all special.

Jesus shows that everybody is respected and wants us to respect everyone.

Story : Jesus blessed the children                                       Mark 10:13-16

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I am the vine and you are the branches

-John 15