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Parent evening

Parents evening

Everybody has such busy schedules these days but the importance of making time to attend your child’s parents evening shouldn’t be underestimated.

Parents’ evening offers the ideal opportunity to catch up. Your attendance sends an important message to your child that you are interested in their school and education.

Research suggests that if a strong link exists between a child’s school and home, they are more likely to enjoy school and do well.

At parents’ evening you can discuss their strengths and weaknesses and any areas that require improvement.

You also get the chance to address any concerns you may have; whether these be academic or associated to other aspects of your child’s school life such as social interactions or extra-curricular activities.


Help us to help your child by attending. We hope that all of our parents will attend our teacher meetings next month.

I have arranged for the meetings to be in the afternoon and early evening in order to maximise parent attendance.


I look forwards to seeing you all next month J            10th and 12th March 2020

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