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Collecting and dropping off pupils


A reminder to parents: dropping off and collecting children from school

With lockdown measures coming into force this Thursday, it is now more important than ever for parents to follow social distancing rules when dropping off and collecting their children.

Social distancing is vitally important to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Please remember that when dropping off or collecting children, you should:

· Let them wash their hands (20 seconds = a thorough wash) before they arrive at our school;

· Keep more than 1 metre apart from other parents and staff (ideally 2 metres);

· Avoid more than one member of your household arriving at the school gates to collect your child/children (to help reduce the number of people at the school gate during pick-up times); and

· If they need to speak to a member of staff, you must wear a face covering.

Be punctual to avoid mixing with other class bubbles

Thank you

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