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Computing at St John's Church of England Infant School equips children to use technology in a safe and respectful manner. It encourages critical thinking, problem solving, imagination and creativity through allowing children to create programs and express themselves in a digital literate manner.


Curriculum Intent

At the forefront of teaching computing in our school is Online Safety. Within EYFS class discussions, the children will carefully consider how to use the technological equipment safely following our school rules and what they should do if they come across something they don’t like. Online safety is delivered in all classes. We want to teach children to manage risks safely when using technology and know who they can talk to if they are concerned or upset when using it. 


In the Foundation Stage, our young digital citizens develop a greater Understanding of the World by recognising a range of technology that is used in their homes and school. Through experimenting with a range of different equipment such as iPads, PCs, cameras, microphones and mechanical toys, the children will begin to speculate on why things happen or how things work and interact with age appropriate computer software.


Throughout Key Stage 1, the children’s use of digital technologies continues through the use of tablets and laptops. In Year 1, the children will begin to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content. In Year 2, the children’s skills are built upon. They will become photographers and enhance their ability to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content. Through the use of simple on-screen programming software, the children will become computer programmers, implementing algorithms, learning to create and debug simple programs and use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs.  We want to prepare our children for the future and have planned for children’s basic laptop skills to be developed and built upon across the Key Stage. This ranges from basic typing and mousepad skills in Year 1 through to creating and presenting PowerPoint Presentations in Year 2.




E Safety

The internet is used by all ages and has become an integral part of children’s lives, which is why we take great care to ensure we pass on the important message of E-Safety at school and at home when using the internet.


E-Safety is part of our computing curriculum and is also discussed in detail every year when we have E-Safety week where we hold a special assembly focusing on this important topic and working on activities to remind us of the rules for staying safe on line.


Please find below some helpful E-Safety websites for Parents:

Class DoJo
In Reception, parents are sent updates via Class DoJo messenger and blog. There is a voluntary service where parents can respond to posts but please note that it is down to the class teacher to respond at a convenient time, if appropriate. If you have anything you need to discuss with your class teacher, please do not use this medium but contact the school office instead.

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